Your Mental Health During Ramadan

Every year when Ramadan comes we feel a little different about it, this is because each time it comes around we are usually going through something different in our life.

Each year brings fresh challenges and sometimes it feels difficult to find a balance between finding the time to rest, study, work, and focus on our spiritual growth.

Here are some of our top tips for looking after your mental health during Ramadan.

Freshen up your living space:

Welcome the month with a tidy living space. Make it look as nice as you can, you can try adding decorations such as fairy lights or candles. If that’s not your thing then think about Quotes that give you inspiration and any positive mental health messages that you feel you will need to hear this month. It is really important not to put too much pressure on yourself and take each day at a time to prevent overwhelm. Ramadan is not easy for everyone and is a tougher test for some rather than others.

 Set yourself realistic goals

Whilst we all strive to be the best we can be during Ramadan, doing our best to pray more, read more Qur’an and increase our charity and good deeds. It’s important to think about our personal goals and create realistic to-do lists. Be sure to include plenty of time for rest and things you enjoy doing, as well as spiritual matters. Take time out for walks, spending time with loved ones.

Start with small goals and build up slowly if you feel able to.

 Do a social media audit

It’s important to follow accounts that make you feel good. Mute or unfollow accounts that don’t help you develop a positive mindset. It’s beneficial to find Muslim influencers who inspire you and make you feel included. But be mindful of any that may make you doubt yourself or feel like you are not doing enough. This is the time to find constructive and positive influence, there are many out there doing a great job!

Be proud of yourself

Ramadan is not easy for everyone and some of us face more difficulty than others with acts of ibaadah. You may find it easier to pray or give charity than you do to fast and that’s ok. That’s why it is so important to acknowledge your efforts. you’re challenging yourself to be resilient, grateful, and forgiving. Also staying away from negative influences and increasing your ibaadah, are all amazing things to achieve during Ramadan. Celebrate the things you achieve this month and don’t just focus on what you don’t.

Talk about your challenges

It can be awkward talking about how you feel, especially when you are finding things challenging. You might think you can’t talk about it as others won’t understand, or you may even worry that you are being judged. The thing is, once you open up about your feelings, you often find others are facing similar challenges. It’s so much easier to share any anxieties you may have talking to people you trust.

Don’t get bogged down with what others are doing

No one is perfect, that can be especially true in the hangry mode of fasting. We might get ratty or shout more or behave in a way we wish we hadn’t, because we are human. Having a bad day whilst fasting doesn’t mean we are bad people, or that we don’t deserve to take the benefits of this month. Take time out to remind yourself of the blessings and rewards up for grabs. Think about how to work on your manners and behaviour and try to set small goals for yourself to achieve. Everybody is at a different stage and rather than looking at others, focus on yourself and what your goals are. Make improvements on your character wherever you can and stick to good habits. Even if it doesn’t sometimes go as planned, tomorrow is a new day, Inshallah.

Be kind with that inner monologue

It’s amazing how kindly we speak about others yet how negatively we talk to ourselves.

Whilst we use this month to reflect and it is good to hold ourselves accountable for things we feel we need to improve, it is also important to ensure that we talk positively to ourselves in order to keep a good constructive frame of mind. Every time you might have a negative thought, acknowledge it, and then replace it with a kind one.

Get enough sleep

Fasting can be tiring and the change of eating patterns can also sometimes make you feel burnt out. Be sure to grab a nap on days that you need to. Being sleepy and hungry is not usually a good mix so take some time out to rest whenever you can. Planning good sleeping habits in advance means you get enough rest and have the energy to focus on extra ibaadah. If you make the intention to take time out to rest so that you have a more productive Ramadan, you will get rewarded for it too!


 You are not alone. You may feel like it’s you against the world but Ramadan is the time to come together and we are all in the same boat as we aim for a mindful and healthy Ramadan. Lean on your support networks whether it’s family, friends or colleagues. Be as open as you can and remember that if you are feeling a certain way, it’s more than likely other people are feeling the same way too. Make the intention today for ease and a peaceful and beneficial month of fasting so you can gain reward for every small step towards goodness that you take.

May Allah SWT allow us to reach the month of Ramadan and make it easy for all of us


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