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Become a Volunteer at ETIC

Volunteers play a pivotal role at ETIC and are the difference between this amazing space being utilised to its fullest potential or not.

Givebrite Campaign

ETIC is utilising the Givebrite fundraising platform to run our £150K fundraising challenge. Join this challenge to help us finish the renovations and clear our debt.

Be helpers (in the cause of ) Allah (Quran 61:14).  

How it works
Sign-up to one of our six fundraising teams and join over fifty community fundraisers. Each team aims to raise a share of £150K. Ensure your team becomes a top team. Up for grabs are the following titles: Weekly Winner, Most Funds Raised, Most Donors and Most Activity.

Teams you can Join:
Team Badr lead by Zeshan
Team Makkah lead by Mansur
Team Madina lead by Kabir
Team Ummah led by Reza
Team Al-Aqsa  led by Farid
Team Noor lead by sisters