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The Hub

The Enfield Town Islamic Centre allows you to walk through the doors and step into realm of calm; offering centrally located prayer facilities for Muslims living, shopping and working in the local area. Our busy central location allows us to share the message of Islam with those who might not otherwise visit an Islamic Centre, sparking curiosity within those walking by. Dawah can be as simple as a discussion over a cup of tea or coffee.

Tea and Dawah 
Make the most of this welcoming space and take a moment to appreciate the art, read books or use the study area  to have a cup of tea, catch up with your salah meet and discuss.

The Mission

The Enfield Town Islamic Centre’s mission is the provision of Islamic education and services for the entire local community. We aim to lay the foundations needed to nurture the success of future generations, whilst promoting the message of Islam and working in harmony with the wider community.

All our members are committed to serving with sincerity, excellence and dedication while promoting a comprehensive Islamic way of life based on the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Our Vision

Enfield Town Islamic Centre (ETIC), prides itself on being an inclusive community hub and dawah centre that serves the entire community aiming to provide the social and spiritual needs.

Going forward, our mission is to develop and expand the current facility in order to meet the needs of the increasing muslim population in Enfield. Our programs of learning will empower the next generation to become ambassadors for Islam, developing them socially, spiritually and professionally. ETIC is not just a mosque for prayers but a community centre to benefit the entire community.

The Team

Mansur Rashid


Mansur Rashid holds a Masters in Engineering and currently works as a consultant within the mobile telecoms industry. He is an active member of the Muslim community, previously serving as a trustee of IANL Finchley Mosque for over ten years. He was involved in establishing a new Jumu’ah service in Enfield Town in 2013 as well as Enfield Town Islamic Centre.

Farid Miah


Farid Miah holds Masters in Toxicology and I.T. and has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, specialising in systems development for Clinical Trials. He has been a resident of Enfield Town for 10 years and has been actively involved in the establishment of ETIC since 2018. He is currently the treasurer of the organisation.

Rashid Ahmed


Rashid Ahmed has been involved with ETIC since it was established in 2013.

He is a passionate and proactive member of the team and committed to maintaining and establishing the ETIC goal and vision.

Raza Eddah-Tally


Raza Eddah is an IT Professional who has lived in Enfield and been an active member of the Muslim community for over 20 years.

Raza was involved in the establishment of ETIC and is currently serving on the board of Trustees.